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barlowstreet said: I have six dollars until October. I want bleach and plastic pellets.

oof. I have been there before.

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I have $328 dollars worth of mostly necessary things in my Torrid cart right now but only like $50 to my name lol
but I need boots and the peacoat for winter. the sweaters too. undies are very much in need. the only thing not necessary is the leopard panel bodycon dress but let’s be real I would look so good in that dress ok
if I can hold out until October I have a coupon and I get paid the first of the month so
so wait for me, items in my Torrid cart. I will hold you soon enough.

From today, rolling around in a field of sunflowers. #photography #model #latex #alternativefashion
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From today, rolling around in a field of sunflowers. #photography #model #latex #alternativefashion

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tbh dress codes are fine as long as they are about looking professional and appropriate for a learning/working environment and not about ‘don’t distract the boys’ and slut-shaming, and as long as it’s enforced equally for all genders

it is the sexist attitude about it that needs to be changed, not the fact that there *is* such a thing as dress codes

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Seeing some monarchs on the asters this year

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the model I shot with today looks so much like Cobie Smulders to me I swear they could be doppelgangers for one another

Had a successful shoot with this lovely lady today~ #photography #model #fashion
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Had a successful shoot with this lovely lady today~ #photography #model #fashion

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Photo Cojac Photography
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The raven is sometimes known as “the wolf-bird.” Ravens, like many other animals, scavenge at wolf kills, but there’s more to it than that.

 Both wolves and ravens have the ability to form social attachments and they seem to have evolved over many years to form these attachments with each other, to both species’ benefit.

There are a couple of theories as to why wolves and ravens end up at the same carcasses. One is that because ravens can fly, they are better at finding carcasses than wolves are. But they can’t get to the food once they get there, because they can’t open up the carcass. So they’ll make a lot of noise, and then wolves will come and use their sharp teeth and strong jaws to make the food accessible not just to themselves, but also to the ravens.

Ravens have also been observed circling a sick elk or moose and calling out, possibly alerting wolves to an easy kill. The other theory is that ravens respond to the howls of wolves preparing to hunt (and, for that matter, to human hunters shooting guns). They find out where the wolves are going and following. Both theories may be correct.

Wolves and ravens also play. A raven will sneak up behind a wolf and yank its tail and the wolf will play back. Ravens sometimes respond to wolf howls with calls of their own, resulting in a concert of howls and calls. 

Sources: Mind of the Raven, Bernd Heinrich, The American Crow and the Common Raven, Lawrence Kilham

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why are bats stigmatized as being creepy?






I mean

look at these things


they’re like tiny






but instead of breathing fire they squeak and cuddle 


in caves


and leaves


and they have funny ears and noses


I mean really


bats are amazing


This post is so fucking important to me

except for you know, rabies

They’re fucking precious

bats get into my house sometimes and they’re just precious little furry lumps that hang out on the wall until we can find a safe way to get them out.